1. +

    SMS Plugin
    + $89/year per license + One front license for front desk computer would be enough for a clinic
  2. +

    Frontdesk Plugin
    + $69/year per license + Only one license per an Android mobile phone and clinic does not need more than one license
  3. +

    Ireland Medicard Plugin
    + $69/year per + A clinic might need license for each dentist and one for receptionist to verify HSE Medicard scheme eligibility prior to any claimable treatment
  4. +

    Ireland PRSI Checker Plugin
    + $39/year per license + One license for a front desk computer is sufficient for a clinic
  5. +

    Google Calendar Plugin
    + $139/year per license + Only one license is sufficient for your clinic, one or multiple offices

30-day trial 

How to buy:

  1. Download Hardware Id Checker  and run mGetHadwareId.exe on the computer where the plugin will be used to find the hardware ID for license.
  2. Repeat the same for each computer you would like to purchase a license for
  3. Open Contact Us page
  4. Enter your info, the chosen plugin and the computer hardware ID from step 1, and submit the form
  5. Receive an invoice via Paypal invoice from us
  6. Proceed Paypal payment with your Paypal account or Creditcard
  7. Receive the license file via email
  8. Place the license file in OpenDental folder, usually at C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenDental to unlock your plugin.

  • Our plugins are licensed per computer
  • When your licenses expires, you will see the "Expired" message when your OpenDental starts. If you choose not to renew your licenses, please remove the plugin files from your OpenDental folder to stop that pop-up message and  start OpenDental as usual.