Uninstall MOpenSoft plugin

Very Important: When the trial period end or your licenses expire, you will see the "Expired" message when launching OpenDental and closing the pop-up is also close OpenDental. In order to start OpenDental, please follow the steps below:
  1. On the workstation, go to C:/program files (x86)/OpenDental/ and  look for plugin files which start mopensoft ie. mopensoft.odplugins.sms.dll, delete the plug-in or cut and paste it into another folder, Open Dental will work without any problem.
  2. Start OpenDental and go to SETUP/Program Links find the plug-in name, click on it, and disable it
  3. To buy a license, follow this link, http://www.mopensoft.com/pricing, provide your info, and you will be contacted